Free Ribbons – Freebie giveaway on Super Dev Resources


While browsing websites, have you ever noticed usage of ribbons (as seen in above image) to highlight content or actionable items? Or maybe found them on catalogs, flyers or wedding invitations?

Eye candies that they are, it is easy not to overlook them. Despite being used mostly as decorative elements, ribbons act as an excellent tool to push out content to users. And this is what I love about them.

Recently I came across a tutorial on creating ribbons and banners. Though this tutorial was for Adobe Illustrator, it gave me a starting point to try and create ribbons in Inkscape. I watched a couple of Inkscape tutorials online, learnt new techniques and put the pieces together. Result? A set of ribbons in four different styles – plain, stitched, upward and downward curved and in three different color combinations.

As I had mentioned in my earlier blog post on playing cards set, I shared this set of ribbons as a freebie on Super Dev Resources. They are completely free for use in personal and commercial work.

Below you can preview the free ribbons that I created in Inkscape. I used the mirrored pink stitched ribbon to create the header image of this post. These ribbons can be used as templates, just need to add text and other design elements. You can read my post on to download these free ribbons and to know more on where to use them.


Head over to Super Dev Resources to download these free ribbons.

How did you like these ribbons? Let me know your feedback.

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