Flat playing cards set created in Inkscape


These last couple of months, I have been learning Inkscape, a free vector graphics editor. The advantage vector images have over raster images in terms of scalability makes vector graphics editors the go-to tool for designing logos and graphic assets and that is the reason I took up learning Inkscape. Thanks to the great tutorials available online for making me familiar with this powerful editor and helping me traverse a steep learning curve in the beginning.

While learning and experimenting with Inkscape, whenever I create something useful, I share and write about it on Super Dev Resources, a site run by Kanishk and me for app and web developers.

Previously I’ve shared following tutorial and freebie created using Inkscape:

Recently I was browsing for free playing cards set but was not able to find what I wanted. And the card sets that were good were not free. So, I decided to create a set of flat playing cards myself and give it away as a freebie on Super Dev Resources.

Below you can see a preview of the playing cards set I created in Inkscape. I designed these cards keeping flat design and minimalism in mind. They can be used in card games like poker and online casino games for free. You can read my post on superdevresources.com to download this flat playing cards set and to know more about its features. 🙂

playing cards

Download free playing cards set from Super Dev Resources

How did you like the playing cards set? Let me know your feedback.

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